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Fleet Street specialises in English, the preferred language of business in many parts of the world, though we also offer other languages, such as French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Catalan and Galician. We have the necessary resources to respond swiftly and effectively to all translation requirements that a business may need, including: The company is prepared to dynamically and efficiently provide all translation services that a business may require, distinguishing itself in:

Ordinary translations

The translation of documents used in the normal course of a company’s business, such as contracts, accounts, balance sheets, reports, studies and presentations. We also translate news articles, instruction manuals and reference books, including company policy documents.

Sworn translations

A sworn translation is one that is completed by a sworn translator who has been authorised by the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affair. A sworn translator acts like a Notary Public, publicly certifying the accuracy of the translated document. Sworn translations may be required by official bodies both in Spain and abroad (Ministries, Courts, Academic Institutions, etc.), in order to allow certified documents to be submitted.

Attendance in court

The services of a qualified interpreter may sometimes be required in court proceedings. The professional profile of Fleet Street’s partners mean that we can offer simultaneous translation services in all types of proceedings heard by the courts of justice or boards of arbitration.

Attendance at meetings

It is important to remain properly informed when engaging in complicated negotiations, especially when the people involved speak different languages. Fleet Street therefore offers its clients assistance from specialist translators who can accompany them to all kinds of meetings.


Fleet Street has a team of interpreters to cover all your requirements at trade fairs, congresses, meetings, training courses and all other types of event.

There are several categories of interpreter: simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, relay, whispered and judicial.

Fleet Street will, of course, guarantee maximum confidentiality in all cases. A confidentiality agreement can be signed to this end if required by the client.